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Spirit & Song All-Inclusive Digital Edition

Available exclusively through International Christian Resources, the All-Inclusive Digital Edition of Spirit & Song gives you an anytime, all access pass to everything you need to serve your worship community... at one affordable price!

Why subscribe?

You’ll get exclusive access to MP3 recordings, lyric sheets, Chords-over-Text editions and more! Download as many as you need—whenever you need them—a must-have resource for your parish musicians.

Thanks to a seamless integration with International Christian Resources you’ll be able to easily search for songs, discover new music and share customized lists of MP3s, sheet music and more with your community—24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

What’s included?

  • Downloadable accompaniments are full-sized and easy to read
       - Guitar
       - Keyboard
       - Solo Instrument
       - Chords-over-Text
  • Assembly editions for each song, hymn or Mass part
       - PDF and GIF notated sheet music
       - PDF and GIF lyric sheets
       - Plain text lyric sheets – optimized for Powerpoint and Keynote users
  • Complete MP3 recordings to share with your choirs and ensembles

How is it priced?

Simple tier pricing is based on the number of families at your church or registered enrollment for schools:

Number of FamiliesAnnual pricing
1 - 199$ 459 USD/year
200 - 799$ 619 USD/year
800 - 1499$ 799 USD/year
1500 +$ 1019 USD/year

How do I get started?