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Created for both music ministers and musicians, Catálogo Musical Digital offers Spanish and bilingual music for the entire liturgical year, from popular resources like Unidos en Cristo/United in Christ and Flor y Canto all in one convenient location. With instant access to hundreds of accompaniments, settings and MP3s — plus complete integration with — you can more easily prepare Masses, while uniting your faith community.

Access, download, share and reproduce as many as you need!

  • 150 Spanish language and bilingual songs
  • Misa San José and Misa del Pueblo Inmigrante
  • Keyboard and guitar accompaniments for all music
  • Assembly editions for printed worship aids and projection
  • Up to 10 users per subscription


How much does it cost?

An annual subscription—giving you unlimited access to 900 digital assets—is $49.

Ready to get started? Contact us today!

Telephone: +1 800-452-9805